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Get Unlimited Free V-Bucks Fortnite Now!!!

Fortnite Is Giving Away Free V-Bucks for all Players.

Before we look at the methods that will allow you to get V-bucks for free and without having to take out your credit card, it is imperative to start by quickly recalling the price of the different packs offered in Fortnite.

Because indeed, Epic Games has seen big and the publisher offers no less than four formulas, formulas giving the right to various advantages:

1 000 V-bucks : 9,99 € ;
2 500 V-bucks – + 300 en bonus : 24,99 € ;
4 000 V-bucks – + 1 000 en bonus : 39,99 € ;
10 000 V-bucks – + 3 500 en bonus : 99,99 €.
In any case, that was the price originally offered. Since the quarrel between Epic Games and Apple, the publisher has in fact implemented new prices which are accompanied by a reduction of 20% on the price of packs on mobile platforms. The basic pack, live, therefore goes to € 7.99.

The fact remains that despite this discount, V-bucks are still quite expensive, despite their importance.

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